Room Booking Request
The Meeting Rooms are available for: Residence & Housing, Residence Student Government Groups, those external groups who are affiliated with the Guest Accommodation program, and the SFU community.

At any function, at least 50% of attendees must be residence students: it is the organizer's responsibility to ensure appropriate resident attendance. Events involving alcohol must comply with the Residence Alcohol Policy. Advertising for events must comply with the Residence Advertising Policy, available on-line. All bookable spaces are not available during exam periods and University closures. During the entire calendar year, the academic needs of our student population may supercede all booking priorities.

~ All requests must be made a minimum of 2 business days prior to the event.

~ This is a request only. You will be contacted via email when your request has been approved.

~ Should your browser not be forms capable, please email, subject: Room Booking Request. Please include your: First Name, Last Name, Building/Room # in Residence, Telephone #, the room you wish to reserve, date you are requesting the space, start & end time, # of people attending. By submitting a room booking request via email, the 'Waiver and Acceptance of Responsibility of Damage' (as outlined in the WebSurvey form) still applies.

~ If you do not live in Residence and wish to book our facilities, please contact 778-782-3228
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Q4 .     What is the purpose of the reservation request? Why do you need to use the space?
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Q6 .     Will alcohol be served? (if yes, please go to the Residence Life Office)
Waiver and Acceptance of Responsibility of Damage
If Simon Fraser University approves the application of the above named Organizer as set out on this form then, in consideration of the University permitting the Organizer to use the facilities allotted to it, the Organizer agrees to indemnify and save the University harmless against and from all claims, demands, losses, costs, damages, suits, or other proceedings which may be brought against the University by a member or guest of the Organizer in consequence of the entry onto University property caused by the Organizer's use of the facilities.

Facilities must be used for the purposes stated on this Room Booking Request form. The person making the reservation and agreeing to this waiver will be held responsible for all matters related to the activity including any damage resulting from improper use by the user group.

Room Condition after Event: It is the responsibility of individuals/groups to remove all materials brought to a room for an event or created by the event (such as posters, hand-outs, garbage, etc.). Any materials remaining will be considered rubbish, and will be removed by cleaning staff. Individuals/groups will have their student account charged with any additional cleaning/waste disposal costs caused by their event.

Damage: The organizers of an event shall be liable for any damage resulting from the event to furniture, fittings, fixtures, equipment or any other property of Simon Fraser University. The organizers student accounts will be charged accordingly.

Keys: The organizers may pick up/sign out the key(s) to their assigned room, from Madge Hogarth House, no sooner than 30 minutes before the start time of their booking and must drop off/sign in the key(s) immediately following the booking. The organizer must ensure that the room is locked when their booking ends. Madge Hogarth House operating hours are 9am-12am, Monday to Friday and 12pm-12am Saturday/Sunday.
Q7 .     I have filled this form out accurately and have read the Waiver and agree to the conditions therein.

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