Advancing equity in education for refugee students with dis/abilities in British Columbia
DARE Seminar - December 2023
How can we support students who live at the intersection of refugee protection and disability? Dr. Inna Stepaniuk and an independent researcher Olabanji Onipede critically examine Canadian federal immigration and education policies in British Columbia to determine how refugee students with dis/abilities are positioned and the extent to which their voices and experiences are acknowledged in BC’s K–12 educational system. An interdisciplinary, analytical approach sheds light on this often-overlooked student population within the Canadian context. Grounding their analysis in critical inclusive education scholarship, socio-legal studies, and political philosophy, the researchers share lessons learned and recommendations for advancing equity in education for refugee students with dis/abilities.
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Monday, December 11 | 12:30-1:30 p.m. | SFU Burnaby Campus, EDUC 7610
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