CS Degree Planner Survey
Graduation planners for the school of Computing Science can be found here: https://www.sfu.ca/computing/current-students/undergraduate-students/programs/computing-science-major.html https://www.sfu.ca/computing/current-students/undergraduate-students/forms.html
Q1 .     What year are you in?
1st (0-29 credits)  
2nd (30-59 credits)  
3rd (60-89 credits)  
4th (90-119 credits)  
5th+ (120+ credits)  
Q2 .     What program are you enrolled in within the School of Computing Science? (Major, Minor, Honours, Joint Major)
Answer : *
Q3 .     Are you aware of the existence of graduation planners for your program? Do you use the planner as a checklist and/or guideline to completing all your courses?
Q4 .     How closely do you follow the recommended course guidelines laid out in the planners? (this includes both taking specific courses in the term that they appear in the planner, as well as the recommended Upper division CMPT "electives" and courses to fulfill your chosen concentration, if applicable)
Q5 .     Based on the extent of which you follow your respective planner's recommended plan, what are some factors that you have experienced that prevent you from adhering to the provided guidelines?

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