Hour++ of Code Python 1 (June 10 AM, Gr. 8-12)
The Hour Plus Plus of Code event features various one-off workshops for school-age students to learn how to code and implement popular digital tools. The Python programming workshops are open to Grade 8-12 students who are interested in learning the basics of the Python programming language and best practices in programming. The Python 1 workshop will cover Python syntax, variables, conditionals, and loops. It is beginner-friendly and will use Google Colaboratory.
Date and time
June 10, 2023 (Saturday) from 10am-12pm.
Virtual via Zoom. The meeting link will be opened 30 minutes before the workshop starts for students to test their setup (e.g. is your audio working?).
Grade 8-12 students.
Workshop requirements
Internet access, laptop/desktop computer, and Google account with Google Colaboratory installed (https://workspace.google.com/marketplace/app/colaboratory/1014160490159).
Additional notes
The deadline to sign up is June 5 (Monday) at 11:59 pm. A confirmation email with the Zoom link will be sent to students by June 6 (Tuesday) at 5:00 pm.
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