Hour++ of Code May/June 2023 Waitlist
This is the waitlist for the May/June 2023 Hour++ of Code workshops. Please note that these are online workshops and are offered at no cost. If the workshops you are interested in attending are full, this is the waitlist to fill out. We may be able to offer more of these workshops in June and Aug 2023. You can check out workshop descriptions and requirements here: https://sciencealive.ca/hour-of-code
If you have any questions, please contact Eva at sacoord@sfu.ca or call 778-708-3767.
Q1 .     Parent/Guardian's name
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Q2 .     Student's name
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Q3 .     Please provide us with your email.
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Q4 .     Please select the workshop(s) you are interested in attending.
UX & UI Design with Figma, Gr. 7-12
Python Part 1, Gr. 8-12
Python Part 2, Gr. 8-12
Mobile App Dev with Thunkable, Gr. 8-12
Python & Data, Gr. 9-12
Python for Game Dev, Gr. 9-12
Intro to HTML & CSS, Gr. 8-12
Intro to Git, Gr. 10-12
Java Part 1, Gr. 9-12
Java Part 2, Gr. 9-12
Q5 .     If you have any questions or concerns, please include them in the space below.

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