Women's Memorial March 2024
Women's Memorial March 2024
On February 14th the ISC, FNMISA and Women's Center will be joining for a community gathering and the Women's Memorial March in Downtown Vancouver. We encourage others to join us in supporting this event and continue raising awareness.

Meeting Location: Main St. & Hastings St. (Outside of RBC)
Meeting Time: 10:30am -12:00pm (join us at your own pace)

By filling out this survey you will receive communications and reminders about February 14th, where to meet us and who to contact for more details.
Q1 .     Do you self-identify as Indigenous (First Nations, M├ętis or Inuit)?
Q2 .     Please provide the following details:
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Cellphone Number
Please note that your cellphone number is not required, but we will use the numbers provided to send texts reminders and location details on February 14th.
Q3 .     Do you plan on attending the Women's Memorial March?
Interested in transiting down?
If you are interested in transiting to the march with community from Burnaby Mountain, please meet us at the Student Union Building entrance at 10:45am on February 14th, in order to make it in time for the March at 12:00pm. For more information please contact Kimberley John at kjohn@sfu.ca.

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