Garden Therapy - Fall 2022 - Harvest
Garden Therapy for Racialized Students
Join students and Registered Clinical Counsellor, Tricia-Kay Williams, for a season of horticulture therapy.
Q1 .     This group aims to educate and foster discussion specifically with the racialized (IBPOC) student population at SFU.
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Q2 .     What is your full name?
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Q3 .     What is your SFU email address?
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Q4 .     What dates are you registering for?
Sept 19, 4pm to 5pm - Appreciation For the Fruits/Veggies of my Labour
Sept 26, 4pm to 5pm - Reaping the harvest: ways to celebrate
Oct 3, 4pm to 5pm - Reaping the harvest: sustainability during winter
Oct 17, 4pm to 5pm - Prepping the plot for winter: Clearing and cutting
Q5 .     How do you identify your ethnicity?
Q6 .     What are you struggling with the most?
Q7 .     What topics would you like us to cover?
Q8 .     Do you have any accessibility needs that are important to share with the facilitator?

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