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Sign up for the International Co-op mailing list for the 2023/2024 academic year to receive emails on International Co-op updates, job postings, and info session details. If you have any questions, contact Please enter the information below:
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Q4 .     Have you joined the Co-op Program?
Q5 .     Which countries outside of Canada do you intend to do a work term in?
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Q6 .     What would your ideal duration be for an International Co-op work term?
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Q7 .     Please specify the SEMESTER (e.g., Fall, Spring, or Summer) and YEAR that you intend to participate in an International Co-op work (e.g., Fall 2023).
Q8 .     What size company would you prefer to work for? (select all that apply)
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Q9 .     How interested would you be in doing a remote work term?
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Q10 .     In addition to email, which social media medium would you prefer to check for updates on International Co-op activities, postings, etc.? (Check all that apply)
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