Peer Cousins - 2023/24 (New students)
Peer Cousins 2023/24
Are you starting your journey at SFU? Do you have questions about university? Want to meet other Indigenous students at SFU?

Join Peer Cousins where you will be connected with a senior SFU Indigenous student and learn what is available to you at SFU, meet other Indigenous students, and join the ISC community.

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Q2 .     What year of study will you be entering in September?
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Q3 .     What program are you taking at SFU (e.g. Bachelor or Arts; Environment; Criminology, etc.)?
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Q4 .     During the fall semester, I will be living... (select one of the following)
Q5 .     Why are you interested in the Peer Cousin Program?
Q6 .     What do you hope to learn from your Peer Cousin?
Q7 .     Any other comments

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