2023 REM Mentorship Program - Mentee Signup Survey
Welcome to the 2023 REM Mentorship Program Mentee Sign-up Survey!
Thank you for your interest in the REM Alumni-Student Mentorship program! This survey is the official sign-up for the program. Please answer all the questions below, your responses will help us connect you with the right Mentor and help your mentor prepare. This information is stored on a password protected website and your responses will only be shared with your mentor. If you would like to know more about the program, please visit: https://www.sfu.ca/rem/current-students/current-grad/mentorship.html
Q1 .     Please provide us with the following information:
Name : *
Email : *
REM Intake Year :
General REM699/Thesis/PhD Project field/focus (key words) :
Q2 .     Degree Type
Mentorship Program Details
Note: We do our very best to match you with your choice of Mentor. However, we are unable to guarantee this. Students who are closer to graduating (for whom this is the last summer they will be able to participate in the Mentorship program) are given priority should the program be oversubscribed and for Mentor choice. *Link to list of mentors for 2023 program (Note you will need your SFU ID and password to access the link): https://www.sfu.ca/rem/current-students/current-grad/mentorship/mentorbios.html
Q3 .     Please tell us about your career/research interests and goals (2-3 sentences or point-form)
Q4 .     Based on the linked biographies of this year’s participating alumni*, please list in order of interest (up to four choices) those who you would like to be paired with. This section can be left blank if you do not identify with any of these alumni.
1st :
2nd :
3rd :
4th :
Q5 .     Are there any other details you wish to share with us (program coordinators) or your mentor?
Q6 .     If you participated as a mentee in previous years, please provide any feedback or comments you may have about your experience with the program.
Participation Agreement
To maintain interest from our REM Alumni in the mentorship program, it is important that all student mentees commit to a base level of participation and engagement. By submitting this survey, you are agreeing to participate in the 2022 mentorship program. This means: (1) Initiating contact with your Mentor after receiving your pairing and (2) Setting up at least one meeting with your Mentor by the end of June.
Q7 .     Please check YES below if you understand and agree to the participation requirements for the 2023 Alumni Mentorship Program.

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