Student Ambassador Program - Opportunity Posting Request
Opportunity Posting Request Form

Thank you for your interest in having your upcoming opportunity recognized under the Student Ambassador Program! Please provide us with information and application details for your volunteer position.

Please ensure you have read the SAP Eligibility Criteria prior to completing this form. Your opportunity may not be approved if it does not meet all of the requirements.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

Q1 .     Supervisor Contact Information
Full Name : *
Department : *
Job Title / Position : *
SFU Email : *
Phone Number / Local :
Q2 .     Opportunity Information
Opportunity Name / Title : *
Date(s) of Opportunity : *
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Please consider the following details when answering Q3 & Q4

Opportunity Description

  • Describe your opportunity in 1-2 sentences
  • What are some major tasks or responsibilities?
  • What are some benefits to volunteering for your opportunity?
  • Does your event have a website? If so, please include the URL

Opportunity Requirements

  • What skills and experiences are required for this role?
  • Are there any skills or traits that would be an asset for this role?
  • Will volunteers be required to attend training, orientation and/or meetings?
Q3 .     Opportunity Description
Q4 .     Opportunity Requirements
Q5 .     Please select 3 or 4 learning outcomes that accurately reflect what students may experience as a result of being involved in this opportunity
Critical Thinking
Developing Others
Effective Communication
Effective Time Management and Organization
Healthy Behaviour
Leadership Development
Problem Solving
Social Responsibility
Q6 .     What is the application deadline?
Q7 .     What is the application method?
SFU WebSurvey
Q8 .     Provide the email, WebSurvey link or website URL for the application method indicated above
Answer : *
Q9 .     Additional application information
Q10 .     Do you have any other comments or information about your opportunity you would like the SAP Administration Team to know about?

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