BPKSA 2017 Clothing/ Accessories Survey
BPK Student Association
BPKSA is trying to gauge interest at various clothing and accessories options for sale for this semester. Your input will help us determine the best options available. Please rank each clothing option from 1 to 5, with 1 being least likely to purchase and 5 being most likely to purchase.
Q1 .     What kinds of new clothing/accessories would you like us to order in the future?
  1 2 3 4 5
Crew Neck Sweater :
Zip-Up Hoodie :
Heart T-Shirts :
Lung T-Shirts :
Brain T-Shirts :
Polo Short Sleeve (Embroidered Logo) :
Dri-Fit Shirts :
Lanyards :
Shaker Bottles :
Water Bottle :
Coffee Travel Mug :
Athletic Shorts :
Sweat Pants :
Fleece Jacket :
Q2 .     Are there any items that we haven't included that you would like to see?
Q3 .     Are there any new designs that you would like to see on the clothing? Leave a short description in the box below and please email bpksa@sfu.ca with a copy of your design. If your design is chosen for this sale, the winner will receive that item for free.

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