TLDG Project Presentations & Publications
Presentation & Publication Details
This survey is a quick and easy way to submit any presentation or publication information related to Teaching and Learning Development Grant projects. Our purpose is to track how TLDG recipients disseminate their project work. This could be in the form of a poster, conference presentation, journal article or book, public presentation, or interview.

All information collected will be published on the Teaching and Learning Development Grant website ( and will be distributed annually to the SFU Faculty Deans and Vice President Academic.

Q1 .     Your name (LAST name, FIRST name)
Q2 .     Please enter your presentation or publication citation in the space provided below using the standard reference format from your field (e.g. APA, MLA, etc.). If you have additional citations, please enter them in the additional fields provided.
Q3 .     Additional citation
Q4 .     Additional citation
Q5 .     Any additional information or dissemination of your TLDG project, such as, "I discussed my project with members of my faculty in a departmental brown bag in May 2015" or "I've been sharing my findings with the undergraduate committee in my department".

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