BPK Mentee Registration 2015/2016
Welcome to SFU BPK!
Please complete the survey below so we can match you with your mentor
Q1 .     What is your name(First and last)?
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Q2 .     What is your SFU email?
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Q3 .     What "year" of study are you in or going to be at SFU?
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Q4 .     Where do you live?
Q5 .     What is your cell phone number?
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Q6 .     What language(s) do you speak besides English?
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Q7 .     What is your intended BPK major?
Q8 .     Why did you choose BPK?
Q9 .     Do you have a preference as to whether or not your mentor is the same gender as you?
Q10 .     How do you prefer your mentor initially contact you?
Phone Call
Q11 .     What courses are you taking this semester? (Fall 2015)
Q12 .     What kind of things would you like to learn from your mentor?
Q13 .     What do you like to do in your spare time? Sports, video games, etc..
Q14 .     If you could be any animal, what would you be, and why?
Q15 .     What is your favourite movie or book?
Q16 .     What are you future career aspirations?
Q17 .     Do you have any burning questions that you want answered right now?

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